Time line

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Hey guys, about a week ago I let my only fans have exclusive access to this website and they got to check out the features of this website. For those who don’t know me and somehow stumbled upon this site, you can check my “about me” page and will give you a little background and who I am. Finally as of April 1st 2020 I was able to finally launch the website. Now there is a lot more things I want to do with this site as we go on. But for now the basic functionality of it is up and running. And I may be a little bias, but I must say that there are some hot, and I mean HOT GUYS. And I’m excited to finally have launched this site after almost 7 years or so. I still have a lot of work to do on it but at least it is functioning. So I wanted to just share some of the things that I have planned for this site.

First thing I want to mention is the loyalty program which I am excited about. As you guys know I always showed my appreciation for everyone that supported me throughout the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So make sure you go check out the loyalty program page for more details and a little prize waiting for you guys.