Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is where we reward our awesome fans for being a valued member. throughout the years of being a webcam model I was able to travel to many places and Las Vegas happens to be one of them. So I decided to call the currency that will be used for our loyalty program as “chips”. The chips can be used for anything on our website and we will add different things as we expand it. But for now we will start off with the basics like video clips and pictures. But be on the lookout as we expand the program.

So how do you earn “Chips?” Chips are rewarded to our loyal members and can be rewarded for anything. Even contests so make sure to always check back on here and follow us on twitter @camwithrob so you don’t miss anything.

So to earn 50 free chips just subscribe to our mailing list and you will get 50 FREE chips. Just go to the “newsletter page and provide your name and email and we will give you 50 FREE Chips. It’s that simple!


  • opening a FREE account
  • anniversary date (given every year on the day you became a member
  • contests throughout the year
  • 50 Tokens for joining our newsletter
  • and more to come