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Alright guys so i finally got the registration figured out. I wanted to make sure that it was as user friendly as it could be because of the way I want the site, it eventually needed to have several logins for different features of the page. That was the challenge. So as you guys know, I won’t quit on something until I figure it out. Then I mean I have limited knowledge when it comes to word press and my first time using the tool. So for the first time I guess, not bad.

So now that I have the setup on how the page is laid out, I can work on the other things. So I was thinking maybe work on some the tools for webcam models and get that part of it going. Then I will eventually work on the FREE amateur porn art of the page. So those are the 2 things you guys can expect to see in the near future. Oh yeah don’t forget to register and sign up for the newsletter also and if you guys find any errors please let me know. Until next time…

Rob A.