Models must have tools

Twitter is a must when it comes to becoming a web cam model. Tis is a great tool in building your fan base for free. Learn how to use the basics of twitter and you can easily build a base pretty quick. Make sure you follows us as well on our twitter page @camwithrob. We do regular posts and also promote you as well from time to time so don’t miss out on some free advertising just by following us.

Another tool that I love that works great with twitter is fancentro. Fancentro is pretty much a web-based tool to create your own feed of posts and links you have. Which can be used as a landing page and maximize your online presence. A great feature that I enjoy about this is the automatic tweets that’s built in no extra work for you. So for example let’s say you have fancentro account which you use as your landing page. You have the option to make a post public or private. Which private posts can only be viewed by your paying subscribers. Public will be visible to everyone that goes to your fancentro feed. My favorite part of this tool is the fact that when you make a post you can automatically link your twitter page and so when you post something on your fancentro feed. All of your twitter followers will also be notified via a tweet post which includes an automatic GIF pas part of the tweet. Very simple to use and it’s free. Here is an example of what your feed/landing page looks like.